Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ice Machine = Best Investment Ever

If you are having surgery, or getting a cast off, or something like that, I think you should know about this amazing ice machine. It's really easy to use, gets really cold, AND compresses! I have a foot cuff from my ankle surgery (of course) but I understand you can get the cuffs for different areas of the body. We bought the machine at my pre-surgery appointment. It was around $250, which seems like a lot, but besides my pain meds, this was the best money spent!

My leg in the splint. If you look at my toe area you can see where the blue cuff is peaking out.
We brought the cuff to surgery, and while I was still under and they were putting my splint on, the cuff got incorporated into the splint. This way, it was close to my ankle and wouldn't move, and could easily be connected and disconnected from the main ice cooler part.

IT IS AMAZING. I might have mentioned that I don't handle pain all that well. And this surgery was painful. I had some heavy duty pain meds, and was pretty out of it for a couple days, but I was still in pain. The ice machine was the best way to manage the pain along with the meds. It made a HUGE difference in my pain level. When I couldn't use it for the weeks I was in my cast, it was noticeably harder to manage my pain (although it was lessening, thank goodness!). Also, when the splint was taken off for my ankle to be cast it wasn't very swollen. Even my surgeon and the nurse who put my cast on were very impressed with my lack of swelling compared to others they see. I credit this amazingness to the ice machine as well. I'm in love with this machine!

I got it back out the other day to use when I was having a lot of swelling and pain again. And it was just as magical as I remembered.
Hooked up to the ice machine again! It is awesome! It's really hard to get your foot above your heart though...

One quick shout out to my mom, and my sister, who filled the cooler with ice and water, carried it upstairs, hooked me up to it, waited 20 minutes, then came back and unhooked me, many times for many days when I couldn't do it myself. (Not to mention getting food to me and all of the other things they did for me!) They are the best and I am SO incredibly lucky to have them!


  1. Sitting here with an ice machine on foot, one day post-op. The best invention and investment ever made! This is my third foot surgery, but only the first time I ever had this machine. I could've saved myself countless painful hours in the prior surgeries had I known this existed. Unfortunately, all the fancy doctors at two major hospitals in NY and NJ never mentioned this. My podiatrist here in Red Bank, NJ who preformed this surgery handed me one after surgery. I don't care what insurance covers of this machine, but this small town dr. is making this the easiest recovery to date. Feel better!

  2. Hi Erin! I found and read your blog when I did a search about Ice Machine after foot surgery. I am writing to ask if you would pleaser share with me some info about your ice machine like brand, model# cost, how & where to purchase (ASAP), etc.

    I am a single disabled mom due to perm nerve damage in beck and right arm and degenerative disc disease in my low back. On Friday I had 2nd foot surgery in 6 months. The first surgery he removed a large bone (size of half dollar) that was in the middle of several tendons. It still continued to hurt with EVERY step I took!! I tried complete rest no putting foot on floor, had 2 different braces, etc but no relief. So back to surgery I went on Friday (12/27) where Dr removed part of tendon that was diseased, removal of scar tissue and tied shortened tendon to another on top of my foot. I will be non-weight bearing for 6-8 weeks then I have 12 months in a Ritchie hard, personalized, molded brace.

    He used same incision, which is on outside of my left foot and runs from ankle to the base of little toe. The post surgery pain is worse than intense. Because my son is disabled I can't increase my meds so have to find non-medication ways to ease this pain. I am hoping that an ice machine will be something I can afford on my fixed income. I have slept about 5-6 hours since Friday in little spans of time. I need to get some relief and VERY SOON!!! I am at point of tears or screams - or both.

    I appreciate your help on this very much! I hope to hear from you very soon so I can check it out and, HOPEFULLY be able to afford it!!!!